LUBBOCK, Texas – SIMFLO, a family-owned pump manufacturing company has been in Lubbock for over 70 years, welcomed a new “state-of-the-art” test facility to the Hub City.

SIMFLO engineers and manufactures pumps that get sent out across the state and country. 

“They’re going to Asia, Indonesia area. We now are doing pumps for air force bases, we have jet fuel. We’re doing pumps for mining applications,” said Troy Pickering, Executive Vice President of SIMFLO. 

The new facility would not only bring in over 20 new jobs, but would support the agricultural community. 

“What they’re producing in the new pump technology is going to radically improve the performance of irrigation systems for farmers and ranchers, and help move water around in the energy sector in a way that will lower cost that will improve the output or performance and actually do it in a way that’s more environmentally friendly,” said U.S Representative Jodey Arrington.

In press release, Arrington called the new facility “state-of-the-art” and the “biggest water pump testing facility in North America.”

“There’s about 80 feet of water below our feet that allows us to test complete pumps. What that means for the city of Lubbock or anybody else is that we can test a pump at the design condition that the engineer needed it for,” said Pickering. 

Arrington said this facility will grant U.S producers a competitive advantage in the global market.

“We’re looking at industry and innovation and new technology right here in our backyard. In order for West Texas ag and energy to give the nation energy independence and food security you have to have the lifeblood of those industries, which is water and you have to have systems, irrigation systems, pump technology and water infrastructure to make it all work.”

The new facility was set to open in late 2022. For more information about SIMFLO, you can head to their website here.