LUBBOCK, Texas — The Lubbock Police Department is implementing its “Aggressive Driving Program” to provide more patrols to target aggressive driving behavior.

The program targets “those drivers whose actions compromise the safety of other drivers, contribute to or cause accidents, or otherwise infringe upon the rights of others,” according to LPD. Those actions include: excessive or unsafe speed, disregarding any traffic control device, following too closely, unsafe lane changes, and failure to yield right of way.

Under the new program, drivers who commit two or more of those infractions will receive an “ADP” stamp on their ticket that brings heavier penalties.

“Whenever you get in your car, know that it is a huge weapon if used correctly,” Lubbock police officer D.B. Tucker said. “Drive safe for all conditions, and if there is something that is wrong with your vehicle, address it before you get behind the wheel. Be careful for others around you.”

Officers patrolling under this program work in pairs. One officer scouts for dangerous activity in an unmarked civilian vehicle, alerting a fully-equipped police car following in close vicinity of which vehicle to stop. Officers also do not always use radar devices to determine exact speed, but will determine speed violations based on the suspected vehicle’s speed relative to their own.

LPD said the goal is not to increase the amount of violations issued, but to specifically target only the most dangerous drivers. While they will enforce all traffic laws in normal cases, the “APD” designation is reserved to drivers who commit two or more violations.

The program is also designed to target street racing, especially during evening hours. LPD says officers patrolling for racing violations will make arrests and impound vehicles they stop.

Officer Tucker said one of the most common violations he notices on his ADP shifts is tailgating.

“Watch how close you’re following other vehicles,” he said. “Your reaction time to keep from hitting that other vehicle is very small.”

The Aggressive Driving Program was originally employed in the mid-2000s, but was put on pause until its reinstatement in August. In the last month, LPD officers have worked 16 Aggressive Driving Program shifts, made 76 stops, issued 95 violations and performed one arrest. 32 of those violations received the ADP stamp, designating harsher penalties.

“Drive more defensively than aggressively,” Officer Tucker said. “Just be cognizant of how close that other vehicle is to you.”