The following is a news release from Lubbock Christian University:

LCU is making it easier for students to manage their college debt. Beginning fall 2019, Lubbock Christian University will provide LCU Advantage, a new loan repayment assistance program, to all incoming, full-time freshmen students pursuing undergraduate degrees.

LCU is the first university in Texas to provide this type of loan repayment assistance program to all incoming freshmen. It will offer peace of mind for families who may be considering educational borrowing as their student begins searching and financially preparing for college.

LCU Advantage will help graduates pay back their student loans following graduation from LCU if they meet a few minimum requirements. Those students who begin the LCU Advantage program in 2019 will qualify for loan repayment assistance after they graduate if they are making less than $43,000 per year and are working at least 30 hours a week.

“We strongly believe in the life-changing education that we provide to our students at LCU, and we’re pleased to be able to offer this assistance to students and their families. Our hope is that LCU Advantage will empower students to confidently invest in themselves and their future,” said President Tim Perrin.

The average student debt at LCU is less than the national average, and with LCU Advantage, students and families considering investing in their future can breathe easier knowing that they have the security of loan repayment assistance when they graduate.

Dr. Mondy Brewer, Vice President of Enrollment Management, offered, “When our team members have explained this new program to prospective students, we have been able to demonstrate how LCU Advantage will give them the assurance they need, so they can really relax and concentrate on their studies.”

This program enables students to pursue the vocation of their choice instead of making career decisions based solely on concerns about debt.

LCU Advantage will be provided at no cost to students or families. The loan repayment assistance will continue until the graduate’s income rises to a level of financial sufficiency or until their loans are completely paid off.

President Perrin concluded: “At LCU, we are working to broaden access to an LCU education, and we believe this program does just that. LCU Advantage is one way we are demonstrating our confidence in the value of an LCU degree and manifesting our deep commitment to students and their families.”

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(News release from Lubbock Christian University)