New Tik Tok video challenge causes concern in West Texas

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A picture taken on January 21, 2021 in Nantes, western France shows a smartphone with the logo of Chinese social network Tik Tok. (Photo by LOIC VENANCE/AFP via Getty Images)

LUBBOCK, Texas — Another new Tik Tok video ‘challenge’ was circulating the nation Friday morning. This time, it is causing threats to schools. The challenge involves students making bomb threats, shooting threats and other violence.

The threat has become apparent in schools in and around Lubbock, and statements have been released from the community.

The Littlefield Police Department released a statement you can find here.

Lamesa ISD issued a school security alert. The following is their statement:

In case you do not receive regular parent square updates, please read and take note of this message I sent out early this morning to make our parents aware of a nation wide TIK TOK threat that we became aware last night.

In case you are not already aware, there is a TIK TOK challenge being promoted nationwide to take place on Friday, December 17th. It is our understanding that the challenge encourages students to make threats of shootings, bomb threats and violence against schools in the United States.

These Threats do not target any specific school but may impact schools across the U.S., including ours. We have made our local police department aware of the social media challenge and the potential threat and we are partnering with them. As a result, you may see an increased security presence at the schools from local law enforcement on Friday. There is no need to be alarmed or overreact, this is just simply the school district being proactive in response to these potential social media threats. Our intent is to be transparent with all our parents and community by sharing information with you, especially when it involves school safety and security.

While we understand that this event is only a rumor, we also know that social media is a powerful tool often used to influence others. It is always important to remain vigilant when it involves these types of threats and challenges. Please take time to talk to your students about the influence of social media and the potential consequences of engaging in this type of behavior. We must take every threat seriously, and students face the possibility of suspension or expulsion and possible legal consequences for making threats.

Lamesa ISD wants to make sure that students, parents, and community members understand they play an essential role in informing district administration of any threat made to the schools, students, or staff. “If you see something, say something!”

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