LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock County Elections Administrator Roxzine Stinson demonstrated new voting machines Thursday to Much of what voters remember from the last election is exactly the same, but there will be one big difference.

Instead of getting just one slip of paper at the voting booth with an access code, voters will get a second – larger – paper. The bigger paper goes into the voting machine and will be printed out after a voter makes choices in the voting booth.

Stinson described what to do after the bigger paper is done printing.

“Then you’re going to go over the ballot scanner,” Stinson said. “At the ballot scanner, you’re going to insert your ballot. It’s going to take it. It’s going to read it — front and back,” Stinson said.

“You can turn it any direction you want to [at the ballot scanner],” Stinson said. “You put it in there, because it’s going to read both sides of the paper. And then, it’s going to keep it because that’s our audit.”

Use the video player above to see a demonstration of how to vote.

  • New voting machines in Lubbock for November 2022
  • New voting machines in Lubbock for November 2022

State law recently changed and required voting administrators statewide to keep paper printouts of elections. This must be done in a way to protect voters’ privacy. So, the printed ballot does have a tracking number but does not have the name of each voter.

“We already have to do partial manual counts after every election,” Stinson said. “And we’re now going to have to start doing ‘risk limiting’ audits as well. And Lubbock County is going to be one of the pilot counties for that as well at this election season.”

“Risk limiting” is a type of audit that uses statistical analysis to reduce the risk that election results are incorrect.

Early voting runs from October 24 through November 4 in the November 8, 2022, election.