LUBBOCK, Texas— Additional construction will be underway at the intersection of 34th Street and Slide Road, the City of Lubbock announced on Monday. 

According to a press release, the city installed a traffic control in a work zone for the westbound traffic at the intersection of 34th street and Slide Road. 

Existing work zone was already in place for the construction of a “2022 bond project” at the same location, said the release. The additional work zone will be for an “emergency sewer system repair project.”

The release said the repair will last approximately 10 days and at that time the additional work zone will be removed and the existing work zone will remain in place

According to the release, east and westbound traffic will be heavily impacted. The city encouraged citizens to avoid the intersection during construction and to use “great caution to avoid conflicts with works and equipment. 

For questions or concerns call 806-775-2608.