LUBBOCK, Texas — Medical Experts gave Halloween safety tips ahead of the holiday.

As trick-or-treaters roam the streets Halloween weekend, Dr. Mortensen, with Covenant Health, said the number one cause of injury for kids is being struck by a vehicle.

Dr. Mortensen gave tips on how you can prepare your kids.

“We want them to have, you know, things like the little glow sticks, flashlights, dress them in light colors, use reflective tape, things like that,” Dr. Mortensen said.

Dr. Mortensen also recommended for kids to wear lighter colored clothing.

Once baskets of candy are collected, its recommended that parents check it.

“Make sure that the candy that you’re receiving, you know is wrapped in that packaging, anything that happens to open up I It’s recommended that you go ahead and toss that,” Katherine Wells, Director of Public Health, said.

Although “beware” of the sugar rush.

“As a doctor, I kind of have to say to not go overboard. I always tell parents I wouldn’t not let your kids have the candy but maybe let them have so many pieces on Halloween night and then put dressed up and save it for desserts and treats throughout the next few weeks instead of making ourselves sick on Halloween night,” Dr. Mortensen said.