LUBBOCK, Texas — A search warrant and a police report obtained by on Monday provided a little bit of new information in the deadly shooting of Carlos Adrian Gonzalez-Lechuga, 20, in the 2800 block of Slide Road.

The day after the shooting, which happened August 22, Lubbock Police said, “Through the initial course of the investigation it was determined that Gonzalez-Lechuga and a roommate were involved in an altercation which ended in Gonzalez-Lechuga being shot.”

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A police report indicated the victim and two others were, “smoking weed and hanging out when the shooting occurred.”

The search warrant said Gonzalez-Lechuga was found inside a particular apartment and pronounced dead on scene. The search warrant said officers also found a handgun and s shell casing inside the same apartment.

Two people were arrested for possession of marijuana. But no one at the time was charged directly for the shooting death of Gonzalez-Lechuga.

The search warrant named a specific person and quoted witnesses as saying this person shot Gonzales-Lechuga inside the apartment.

Police right after the shooting said, “Investigators believe there is no continued threat to the public at this time.” asked police for an update on Monday.

“Currently, there are no new updates to share,” LPD said. “There have been no arrests made or charges filed directly related to the homicide.”

The person named as a potential suspect remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center Monday on both a marijuana charge and an Immigration Customs Enforcement detainer.

Because the potential suspect is not charged with the shooting, withheld the name at this time. If and when an official charge is filed, we intend to publish the name.