Court records were filed late Monday concerning the Senator’s Game Room at 5302 South Avenue Q Drive.  Prosecutors asked permission to permanently confiscate $10,880 in cash from Eric Thompson. 

Police took the cash using a search warrant on April 16.  Police also took memory drives from gaming machines inside the business.

The machines are not always illegal but the prizes must be of small value.  Paying out cash prizes for gambling is not allowed under Texas law.

Police talked to an employee and court records said, “Eric Thompson instructed him to pay out patrons in cash if they were members of the game room.” 

The employee said he was instructed to develop a rapport with customers.

Court records said, “Eric Thompson instructed him to be careful and not pay out any possible police officers.”

Thompson asked if the employee wanted to work for a similar business that was planned for Sweetwater, and “Thompson advised him that he is working towards making the game rooms legal/legitimate.”

“Thompson told him that he could get into trouble if the police caught him paying out customers.”

Shortly after police talked to the employee, Thompson showed up and police questioned him as well.  According to court records, Thompson knew he was illegally paying customers 

The Senator’s Game Room was the subject of a different search warrant in June of 2015.  Thompson was later charged and arrested for a misdemeanor charge of “keeping a gambling place.”  He posted a $1,000 bond to be released from jail. 

Thompson will have a chance to file an objection in court records.  A judge will then rule at a later date if prosecutors can keep the money and put it into a forfeiture fund for use by law enforcement agencies.