LUBBOCK, Texas — A big update on the old county jail in Downtown Lubbock was learned Wednesday. It will be transformed into a boutique hotel called Mayo LBK.

Architect and co-owner of the building, Jim Snyder said it will also have a coffee shop and bar called “The Slammer” along with retail on the first floor. He and his brother bought the property recently, and they have a passion for re-doing old buildings.

“The jail was originally constructed in 1931. And it ultimately evolved over three phases,” he explained. “So in 1950, they added two stories on top of the three story original jail.”

The jail then expanded horizontally into what it is now. It officially closed in 2010, but for decades it has been on the Texas Historical Buildings endangered list.

Snyder said no one wanted to touch it, so he and his brother had the idea to transform it. They transformed the old courthouse into the Courthouse Lofts and enjoy preserving history.

“These two buildings are one of the few national register landmarks in Lubbock. And they’re right next to each other,” he said.

The old jail and the original architecture will stay, but he said there will be a fun twist to the boutique hotel. This includes “The Slammer,” but there will also be a three-story parking deck added to help with spacing.

It’s unknown when the project will be completed. Snyder said the first phases should take 6-9 months, and from there, construction could take a year and a half to two years.