One Tech fan’s relatable game day reaction video goes viral

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Texas Tech University’s Saturday football game against the University of Texas led fans on a rollercoaster of emotions and one comedic content creator caught her raw reaction on film.

When Tech was up 15 points in the fourth quarter, Molly Lee said she knew it could go either way and started rolling.

“I’ve just experienced too much that I just knew I should record,” said Lee. “I’m like either it’s a big celebration or if it’s really sad, like if Tech’s going to do what it does best, basically I need to record this.”

Lee is an alumni of the university and now serves as a comedic content creator and host of the “Painfully Self-Aware” podcast. She joked that the love for her alma mater runs deep but can also serve as disappointment when game days come around .

“At the end of the day it’s like a toxic ex,” said Lee. “How I describe it is like you know it’s bad for you — but you just keep coming back around.”

It’s an event that continues to draw her and many other fans in each weekend, which is why she feels it was so relatable to many.

“Every morning I have this mindset of oh well don’t get too excited it will be fine, they are just young men dont get mad, and then you just get drawn back in” said Lee”

With her video up to 30,000 views she is now getting request to make reaction videos for other Texas sporting events. You can follow her on TikTok and Instagram @MollyLee31 for more comedic content and maybe even a sequel to her relatable fan film.

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