LUBBOCK, Texas — A new movement is afoot for Texas Tech fans; the cactus went from a way to poke fun at a rival throwing shade to a symbol of unity and pride for Red Raider Nation.

On Monday, TCU Recruiting Coordinator and Offensive analyst Bryan Carrington tweeted a quip about Tech’s announcement that 100 football players would each get a 1-year, 25-thousand dollar NIL deal from the Matador Club, saying it’s hard to build a brand in the desert.

But that’s exactly what the cactus symbol became, a brand that represents sticking it to the man.

Tech class of 2018 graduate Zach Haynie took it one step further by putting it in ink.

“I said, hey, man, we need to get a design going,”he said. “There’s something big happening, you know, and then a couple hours later, he messaged me, and sent me the picture. I posted it on Twitter and it was like, everybody’s like, you need to get this.”

Haynie, like many others in Lubbock, sees the potential a movement like this can bring.

He is now selling stickers of his tattoo via his Twitter page, @ZacheryHaynie.

For other merchants in town, their business is already on point.

“We bought all the cactus that our wholesaler has, and we had to go find some more around town, so we can’t keep them in stock,” said Justin Hughes, manager of House of Flowers and a Tech grad himself.

But this is bigger than a sales pitch or a succulent.

I think the cactus just kind of represents, you know, it’s perseverance that it can survive in any situation, you know, there’s to survive in the middle of the desert, you know, very little water, and he kind of represents Lubbock and represents us as a way that we thrive,” said Haynie.

Red Raider fans hope their rally will keep the football team and new coach Joey McGuire looking sharp all season.