LUBBOCK, Texas — Open Door has served the Lubbock community for 25 years working to end homelessness and during the winter months the help doesn’t change.

Open door helps those living on the streets especially during the winter months when they have no shelter.

“The goal is to get people out of this situation out of homelessness and in housing, so that whether it’s warm, whether it’s cold, they have what they need to stay safe, take care of themselves in their lives.” Chad Wheeler, CEO of Open Door, said.

During these times Open Door hands out socks, beanies, gloves, etc. They are open seven days a week and see over 50 people a day.

“That’s usually in the morning when people are coming in to get breakfast and kind of get what they need before they go out for the day to work or whatever it is.” Wheeler said.

Open Door will gladly accept Coffee, oatmeal and pancake mix as they serve a warm breakfast every day.

They will also accept things like Gloves and Beanies.