LUBBOCK, Texas — Open Door has given keys to 81 people in the the permanent supportive housing program.

Open Door was given a grant through Lubbock’s Department of Housing and Urban Development back in 2017. Since then, they have provided for the chronically homeless in the Hub City for five years.

“People live in apartments all throughout the community of Lubbock. We’ve had a few people exit the program, a few people pass away in the program with the last year, the goal isn’t necessarily to continue at the pace that we had in last year, you know, when we’re in the middle of an expansion, we have funding for 79 units,” Chad Wheeler, CEO of Open Door said.

Wheeler explained that this is a blessing for those that have experienced so many struggles and challenges.

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“At first, they’re very skeptical of whether this is real, you know, most people that we house, they are shocked that we’re actually going to move them into permanent housing.” Wheeler said.

Jamie Barrera, a supportive housing resident, is one of the 81 people that open door has helped.

“I got into housing it became much better, you know, started to educate myself, you know, got my thing straightened my priorities straight, you know, little bit by little bit,” Barrera said.

Wheeler explained that people like Barrera who’ve been in housing for five years now shows that this program works and you would never even know that he, Barrera, was homeless at one point as he’s living a normal life now.”

“It feels really good… I get counseling and all that stuff that I needed, I was out in the streets, I couldn’t get counseling, now that I have this, I get my medications and everything straight,” Barrera said.