Ordering an Uber? You might have to take a mask selfie first

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It’s a firm “no mask, no ride” policy for Uber, but now before you order a car, you might have to send a mask selfie first.

This week, Uber announced that passengers who have been reported by drivers for not wearing a mask will be required to send a selfie with a face mask on in the Uber app before requesting another ride.

For months, the ride service has implemented stricter safety standards to combat COVID-19, including sending employees wipes and masks and requiring face coverings for both drivers and passengers during rides.

“I wear my mask. I wipe my car down. I keep the windows rolled down if possible,” said Lubbock Uber and Lyft driver Andrew Crumrine of the things he does to reduce germ transmission in his car.

Crumrine said that since May, Uber drivers have been required to send mask selfies in the app before beginning their routes, and he added that he and other drivers have been pushing for this policy to extend to passengers.

“I think it’s a good thing. Drivers have been required to wear a mask with a penalty if they don’t wear a mask … It’s nice to see that they’re enforcing it now with the customers too,” Crumrine said.

He added he hopes the new policy also helps customers feel safe taking Uber again — picking business back up for drivers that saw a steep drop in riders during the pandemic.

Since Texas Tech students started coming back to town, Crumrine said he’s seen an about 10 to 15 percent increase in business.

He also said that while drivers must follow company rules, when it comes to their cars, what the driver says goes — for both their safety and for their passengers.

“It is my car, my rules, and if you don’t like to follow my rules in my car, then get out of my car,” Crumrine said.

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