LUBBOCK, Texas — Potholes around Lubbock are not going away anytime soon, especially during the winter months. The City of Lubbock told there are over 1,000 unrepaired potholes around the city.

“Sometimes, the city doesn’t know about them. So, we depend on the public to inform us and report them so that we can get them fixed.” Christy Martinez-Garcia, District 1 city council woman, said.

The unfixed potholes are long overdue, and more people are becoming aware as it’s become a nuisance.

Mike Gilliland is the Director of public utilities and said they have a goal to have 80% of the potholes fixed within 2 business days.

“We’re averaging between 800 and 1000 potholes a month repaired,” Gilliland said.

Since the beginning of the year Gillian said 1,100 have been filled.

Ways to report a pothole:

• Call 311
• Use the MyLBK app
• Call 806-775-2558