LUBBOCK, Texas — The brains behind three businesses in Lubbock will host a free seminar empowering people, specifically college students, to begin their own businesses with the necessary tools.

At the event named “Business and Biers with Bonner,” Tommy Bonner will tell his story of success in Lubbock and across Texas. Bonner owns local favorites like Bier Haus, Miguel’s and Paint Rock Coffee.

According to Bonner’s head of social media, Alyssa Vasquez, Bier Haus hopes to involve the whole community in the event and create a welcoming, business-oriented atmosphere rather than “the crazy bar atmosphere.”

In the hour-long seminars, Bonner will discuss topics like “How to open a bank account as a business owner,” “When to hire employees” and “How much debt is too much?” Bonner will also leave the floor open for questions.

Tommy Bonner (Photo courtesy of Bonner Media).

The seminar was a regular event held pre COVID-19, that brought in big bankers and people from all over, according to Vasquez.

“I just wish somebody would have told me this stuff,” Bonner said emphasizing that college students usually don’t have the money to start businesses.

A link to sign up for the event can be found here.