Parents and students seek out tutors for upcoming school year

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LUBBOCK, TX — School will start August 17 and many parents have turned to online tutors, instead of in-person classes, as a way to educate their children in the upcoming school year.

Varsity Tutors, which normally specializes in standardized testing, has seen a dramatic increase in not only students but parents wanting to learn. 

“It’s been pretty dramatic. In the past there was some skepticism about online learning like could it be as good as in person? The idea of tutoring was, ‘If I have a student that’s behind, maybe that’s the way to catch them up,’” said Brian Galvin, Chief Academic Officer at Varsity Tutors. 

According to a survey done by Varsity Tutors, over 65 percent of parents said they hope to use supplemental education in the 2020-21 school year, as many are concerned about their kids falling behind. 

Varsity Tutors even started an online course for parents who want to learn more about what to expect from this coming year

“Now, we’re realizing one that you know, online learning can be great, and it can be lackluster, and I think people are gravitating toward experts who have done it for a long time,” said Galvin. 

Huntington Learning Center has also seen an increase in in-person students over the last few months. 

“Parents got to sit at home and see their children learn for the first time probably ever,” said Haley Beck, owner of Huntington Learning Center. “So, I think with that a lot of those parents saw that their child was struggling.” 

Especially when schools switched to online learning back in March, Beck says many students struggled to keep up. 

“During that two month time that we weren’t open, we knew that there would be a ton of regression if we didn’t have the students keep working,” Beck said. 

According to a survey done by Varsity Tutors over 65 percent of parents are concerned their student will fall behind this year. Leading to Varsity offering more classes and even free classes for parents to better understand virtual learning. 

“People really start to see the power in personalization and engagement and interactivity. So it’s been a pretty big transformation this year,” Galvin said. “We found that kids interact more online because they don’t have to raise their hand and be on stage. They can if they want, or they can chat, or they can participate in anonymous polls.”

But even as tutors head into the school year, they are just as unsure of what to expect, but are hoping to help in whatever ways they can.

“We’re cautiously optimistic. I think there are a lot of school districts planning innovative things, a lot of teachers working really hard on great lesson plans,” Galvin said. “I think there will be a need to adapt and at varsity tutors we are pretty committed to making sure that whatever those adaptations families need, we’re here for.”

Huntington Learning Center will be offering supplemental education in-person and online throughout this upcoming school year. Varsity Tutors will be offering specialized tutors, virtual homeschooling, as well as free online classes and are hoping to expand their course loads this year to meet student needs. 

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