Parents and teens concerned after sudden intersection change causes frequent wrecks

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LUBBOCK COUNTY, Texas — Parents and teen drivers alike are raising concerns after an intersection between FM 179 & 50th Street in west Lubbock County suddenly went from being a four-way stop to a two-way stop.

Teen driver and high school student Tia Harrison said she has been told to avoid the intersection and now has to take a detour to class for her own safety.

“I’m not allowed to come this way anymore because of all the wrecks,” Harrison said.

Harrison said she saw a few close calls while going through the intersection with her mother and doesn’t want to take the risk. Another teen driver, Karson Jones, had an accident shortly after the stop signs were removed.

Jones was driving on FM 179 when he noticed a truck crossing in front of him. Luckily, Jones swerved to slow the collision down, preventing the accident from being more severe. The woman told Jones she didn’t realize he didn’t have a stop sign when she entered the intersection.

“It was kind of confusing because she didn’t know it wasn’t a four-way stop no more,” Jones said.

Jessica Young lives close to the intersection and is worried more crashes will happen when kids head back to school.

“It is a busy intersection and my concern is it went abruptly from a four-way to a two-way stop without any warning,” Young said.

Concerned parent Hannah Teykl said she witnessed a few close calls and doesn’t feel safe letting her teen drive to school.

“My daughter and I were heading to her school,” Teykl said, “[and] there were three separate incidents where someone almost hit somebody else or turned in front of someone else. It was just crazy.”

Teykl, along with other concerned neighbors, have contacted the Texas Department of Transportation. For those who want to voice their concerns can submit a comment and use case number #271919 to put in a complaint about the stop signs.

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