LUBBOCK, Texas— The Lubbock-Cooper ISD school board voted on a resolution regarding claims of racism and civil right violations on Thursday night. However, some LCISD parents said they were not satisfied with the board’s resolution.

Lubbock-Cooper ISD’s vice president, Daniel Castro, said the school district took immediate action to put a stop to claims of racism at Laura Bush Middle School. first reported on claims of racism in April when an Instagram page using racial slurs towards black students at Lubbock-Cooper ISD was found.

“Racism has no place at any school within Lubbock-Cooper ISD,” said Castro.

Yet, the parents of the students who were the victims of this discrimination say that is not the case.

LCISD parent, Tracy Kemp, said the school board’s resolution was just a form of damage control to prevent them from looking like the ‘bad guy.’

“They’ve hired a PR team. They have hired a law team. And that’s what school districts do because they cannot be looked out to be the bad guys,” Kemp said.

Kemp was one of the parents who reached out to a lawyer who filed a formal complaint against Lubbock-Cooper due to the discrimination.

Another parent, Shardae McGaha, said her family filed formal complaints and the issue was not fixed and does not think it will be fixed anytime soon. However, she said they will continue to fight until the racism is “cut out.”

“We have other kids just growing up. We have kids’ cousins, we have nieces and other African American kids that will be attending schools that we just want to cut out the racism all together,” McGaha said.