LUBBOCK, Texas – Every Child Every Day PAC is an advocacy group created by parents and teachers to help bridge communication between the community and Lubbock ISD school systems. 

“We wanted to have a group that could help to hold our public servants accountable–to listen to the people that they serve,” Dr. Sarai Brinker, Every Child Every Day co-founder, said.

Every Child Every Day PAC said their love for the Lubbock ISD school systems led them to create an advocacy group. 

“We love our school, but we love it so much we think that it can be even better,” said Dr. Brinker. 

The group aims to create dialogue between parents and the school board. 

“We wanted to foster communication and really push for a collaboration that we weren’t necessarily seeing on the current school board,” said Kristi Giemza, Every Child Every Day co-founder. 

The advocacy group attempts to tackle various issues, such as school board meeting times. 

“We really push to move the school board time. It’s currently at seven in the morning, so it’s very difficult for parents because they’re getting their kids ready for school in the morning. Teachers can’t attend. Most school board meetings throughout the state are scheduled in the early evening just like city meetings are so people can participate,” said Giemza. 

Every Child Every Day PAC encourages individuals to run for elections within the school board. 

“Historically, a lot of these elections have gone unopposed. I think that competition strives for people to achieve more and do better. Like everything else, competition is a good thing,” said Giemza. 

The group also encourages communication between the trustees, administration and community. 

“We propose that the trustees meet directly with the community in a more casual way. Even like quarterly community meetings–community conversations. Communication that doesn’t go one way that’s more engaging and back and forth. The school board meetings are really formal and sometimes can feel adversarial So, I feel like it’s great to just have conversations with people,” said Giemza. 

Every Child Every Day PAC hopes, through the group, it can create more opportunities for parents and teachers to be better involved with the Lubbock ISD school systems. 

“We are all about starting conversations and having conversations even with people who disagree with us–because again–that’s how we make positive change. It’s to have those tough conversations,” said Dr. Brinker. 

For more information on Every Child Every Day, visit the group here.