LUBBOCK, Texas — The cold spell may be over, but plenty of folks are still dealing with its repercussions – and our home repair workers are doing as much as they can to help. Carpet Tech said Monday that they’ve been getting reports of damage all week – and the phones keep ringing with even more.

“I’ve been with Carpet Tech for 15 years and I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Stephanie Henderson, Operations Manager at Carpet Tech. “I’m not sure any restoration company has ever seen anything like this.”

Last week’s historic cold front left a big mark on Texas. Many homes, churches, businesses and other facilities experienced significant damage from burst pipes and flooding.

“It’s been a big week, bigger than anything we’ve ever seen,” said Henderson. “There’s been lots more damage or flooding than we’ve ever seen.”

Carpet Tech responded to more than 900 calls of flood damage across the state this past week.

“We’ve worked about 18-hour days for about four or five days straight. It’s just been that busy and so many people to take care of,” said Henderson.

She said that the phones have been ringing nonstop as crews worked through the day, night and weekend.

“Each day we’ve kind of thought it would slow down a little bit and each day it’s continued to stay as busy,” said Henderson. “So the next three weeks will be just as busy doing all of the drying out and the repairs and the re-laying and all of those things.”

Areas hit harder than Lubbock, like Dallas and Fort Worth, are experiencing a major shortage of restoration workers. Henderson said in those places, repair companies are already backed up for one or two weeks before they can take on anything new.

But as the damage continues to be reported, Carpet Tech decided to step up.

“We sent about three or four crews down there to help this week, or last week I guess, and they’ve been helping them since and it’s helped a ton,” said Henderson.

For Carpet Tech, the most important thing is getting these problems fixed, however long it may take.

“It’s been worth it to get in there and help people,” said Henderson. “I know it can be scary times when you’ve got water in there in your home or your business so we’re glad to do it.”

To learn more about their services, visit Carpet Tech’s website.