Pecan Ridge sees shelling business skyrocket throughout pandemic

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Throughout the pandemic, there haven’t been many people buying pecans. As a result, major retailers have been struggling to sell their stock. However, there are still thousands of pecans that need to be harvested. While this may not be great for major retailers, one local pecan-sheller is thriving.

“We actually take pecans that people have in their property on their orchard, they bring them to us, and we’ll shell them for them,” said Dylan Moore, Sales Director at Pecan Ridge.

With pecan crops thriving this season, Pecan Ridge has already shelled hundreds of pounds of pecans – and they’re preparing to shell even more.

“So as you can see, we are fully loaded, we have never had more pecans at Pecan Ridge to shell,” said Moore. “So because of that people really aren’t buying pecans that much retail, because they have so many stored up already.”

The business closed for 16 days at the start of quarantine. During that time, they received hundreds of pounds of pecans – and they’re still catching up on the backlog.

“Every day that we were closed, we actually get behind about three to four days. So when we reopened back up, we were behind about three to six months,” said Moore. “Thankfully, we’ve gotten that down to two months and we’re just trying to get through the backlog and be prepared for this season.”

However, all this is great for Pecan Ridge.

“Thankfully, since we do have both sides of the business, the retail pecans and the shelling pecans is going to be great for us either way, because we benefit from both of those,” said Moore. “So the more pecans people have, the more we’re able to shell. The fewer pecans people have, the more we’re able to sell them. So either way it is really beneficial for us.”

As a small, local business, Pecan Ridge said they are thankful for all the support they’ve gotten from the Lubbock community during this time.

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