LUBBOCK, Texas– Pedro’s Tamales said Wednesday morning that it makes more than 40,000 tamales each day, and it anticipates spike in sales ahead of holidays.

“We do a tamale that tastes like a jalapeno popper. We do chicken, vegan, vegetarian tamales, breakfast tamales. We’re working on some dessert tamales,” owner Bryan Radney said.

Founded in 1977, Pedro’s Tamales started as a small business in Lubbock, but is now a multi-million dollar tamale manufacturer that distributes tamales nationwide.

Pedro’s Tamales can be found in groceries stores, restaurants, and even celebrity’s kitchens.

Radney said the restaurant has served famous movie stars, athletes, musicians and more.

In 1993, the governor of Texas proclaimed Pedro’s Tamales as having the “Official Tamale of Texas.”

Radney said he feels humbled by the success of his business.

“It encourages me to continue to grow the business [and the success] gives me comfort to spend the money to do that,” Radney explained.

A team of 38 people makes the business what it is, management told KLBK News.

“The team we have is a great, core group of people. We could not do this without [them],” Business Development Manager Mark Mayfield said. “We’re a family here. There’s there’s no if’s, and’s or but’s about it.”

Mayfield shared that he hopes to open four or five more locations in the next couple of years, and he encouraged people to give Pedro’s Tamales a try.

“Give us a shot. You won’t regret what you’re doing,” Mayfield told KLBK News. “The variety we have, the flavor we have, the love that’s put into the process of making the tamale, the people that we have here that care for you, then the customer service– you will not try another [tamale restaurant].”