LUBBOCK, Texas — Angel G. Jones, 18, was arrested Wednesday for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to jail records. Lubbock Police responded to 512 North Martin Luther King Boulevard. At first, police were told a victim was shot with a pellet gun. But police later came to believe the weapon was actually a rifle.

Police found the victim with two small wounds that “did not appear to be consistent with gunshot wounds,” according to the police report.

Jones told police he and the victim got into an argument. He told police the victim got loud and vulgar, so Jones grabbed rifle. The victim threatened to get a gun, Jones told police, and so he opened fire. Jones said the first few rounds were blanks.

“He initially shot at [the victim] a total of four to five times,” the police report said.

“[Jones] stated that he knew he shot [the victim] at least once in the lower abdomen area,” the police report said.”

“[Jones] stated he was still mad and so he turned to [the victim’s] car and shot it repeatedly. [Jones] was unable to provide a total number of times that he shot [the victim’s] car.

The police report said there was substantial damage to the vehicle. It also said Jones fired in the general direction of apartment building and was “reckless” as to whether there were people inside.

Police confiscated the rifle and found shell casings on the property, according to the police report. Updated information on the condition of the victim was not available on Friday.

He remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center as of Friday on a $20,000 bond.