LUBBOCK, Texas — A Lubbock man, Alexander May, was drinking and driving when he took the life of 18-year-old Jonathan Pesqueda in a 2017 head-on crash, according to public records. Pesqueda’s family talked about how dangerous drinking and driving is.

After five years since Jonathan’s life ended, the man found guilty of killing him was sentenced. May, charged with manslaughter, was sentenced to serve 150 days in jail and will spend time in jail each anniversary while on a 10-year probation.

“Lubbock needs to change because there was so much drinking and driving in Lubbock Texas. It is horrible, and it’s always with the young kids,” Katherine Tarango, Pesqueda’s aunt and God Mother said.

Lieutenant Brady Cross with the Lubbock Police Department said drinking and driving is a problem and they are trying their best to make arrest on those committing the crime.

“It’s a problem like anything else is, unfortunately, people make bad choices…” Lt. Cross, said.

Samantha Cardenas, friend of Jonathan and victim of drunk driving, said everyday approximately 32 people in the United States die from these crashes.

“Think about someone else who’s driving next to you that just wants to go home.
In Lubbock, how many people have to die until you understand that drinking and driving is not okay, that it’s a choice that you make,” Cardenas said.

Lt. Cross said it is important to always have a plan to keep yourself and others safe.

“Have a plan if you’re going to go out or if you’re drinking at someone’s home. And that plan could be having a friend who’s going to be your designated driver. It could be utilizing ride share or just be staying where you’re at, if that’s an option. But I think at its very basic level is just having a plan. If you’re going to drink alcohol, knowing how you’re going to get home, or having a place to stay, I think that’s the easiest solution to stopping this,” Lt. Cross said.