LUBBOCK, Texas — Pharmacy shortages are nationwide and locally as well, causing pharmacies to cut their hours.

Dr. Islam, medical expert, said the main culprit is COVID-19.

“We are seeing both here locally, but also nationally as well. There are a lot of individuals and pharmacies that are having shortages of staff and not even that, but also equipment.” Dr. Islam said.

A local pharmacy in Lubbock, Twin Oaks, said thankfully they are not affected by this issue but know that its going on.

“I know in other places, there’s pharmacists driving in from Amarillo, or San Angelo to work in places in Lubbock, and around Lubbock, sometimes at some of the other chain pharmacies and other ones, because it’s just very hard to find them.” Chris Hobart, Pharmacist in charge at Twin Oaks Pharmacy, said.

Both said there isnt an exact solution to this problem right now but are doing what they can.

“As long as we are prepared for what may be occurring and luckily us in the healthcare field, we kind of were anticipating these problems happening, that most of the healthcare providers and pharmacies are able to adjust and provide the best care for all of our patients.” Dr. Islam said.