LUBBOCK, Texas — A police report provided more details about a Tuesday shooting that left one person with serious injuries.

According to the report, the victims in the case were playing basketball at Premier Sportsplex before the shooting.

One of the victims slapped one of his opponents on the court, the police report said. Afterwards, the male who had been slapped called his older brother and father to come get him.

As the victims left the Premier Sportsplex, the suspects, who are the brother and father of the male who got slapped, followed their car, per the report.

The two vehicles stopped in the 3400 block of 86th Street around 1:00 p.m.. The suspects got out of the car with a gun and approached the victims’ vehicle, witnesses told police.

The two sides then had a gunfight, according to the police report. One suspect got hit in his left arm and right ear. The victims then drove off.

The police report said the shooters felt threatened, which is why they shot at the suspects and were listed as victims.

As of the time this story was posted, police had not confirmed any arrests in this case.