Maksim Anatolyevich Mironov, 32, of Santa Barbara, California accepted a plea agreement in Lubbock on Monday for possession of marijuana.  

Mironov admits that he was caught with more than 140 pounds of marijuana at the airport in Plainview.  

When he landed a Cessna single-engine plane, he was met with two Homeland Security Agents who asked to see his pilot’s license. Court records said he became nervous.

A drug dog was brought in to check the plane. 

At first, according to federal court records, Mironov said he was on his way from California to Austin and stopped in Plainview to refuel.  Court records said he later admitted he was paid $14,000 to fly the marijuana to Birmingham, Alabama. 

If the plea deal is accepted in court, Mironov will be sentenced at a later date to no more than five years in prison. 

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