PLAINVIEW, Texas – The City of Plainview had an exciting day Thursday as they were awarded a $50,000 grant from T-Mobile as a part of their Hometown Grant initiative.

To help revitalize smaller towns, the grant is awarding 25 rural communities across the country with $50,000 each for five years. Plainview was one of those lucky 25 towns, and they decided to use the money to install an outdoor speaker system.

The system will be versatile, broadcasting music and announcements in the downtown area. It will cover several blocks, but the city hopes to expand the system as it develops.

Mayor Charles Starnes said they are very grateful for the opportunity to bring life back to downtown. He believes this will be a way the community comes together.

Regional Director for T-Mobile, Matt Cantu said, “If you’re a few blocks away, and you hear something going on down the street, it attracts people here – it becomes more of an epicenter.”

Mayor Starnes added that the city didn’t want their downtown to fade away like many small downtowns tend to do. “We’re going to build things that are going to establish a strong foundation for Plainview and the downtown restoration was one of those.”

It could be a maximum six-month process once the installation starts, but the goal is to have the system up and running by Christmas time.