The people of Plainview are upset with the cemetery after every grave was stripped of any decorations or sentimental pieces. 

The cemetery said this is a yearly occurrence, and that it should be “common knowledge.” However, this was not the case since no one knew this was happening. 

Criselda Casarez buried her mother there last October, and she explained how disrespectful this is to her. 

“For them to just pull their stuff without saying anything like that upsets me because we have it there, we gave them their stuff for a reason.”

The people of Plainview took to social media Sunday to post visuals of what they saw in the dumpster near the cemetery. Some videos showed the dumpster full of flowers, and right next to it on the ground laid crosses and other sentimental pieces.

All the people are asking for looking forward, is better communication.

Casarez said, “Plainview needs to be more communicative with you know, everybody out there and let us know why they’re gonna do it or just give us a heads up. Not just go and do it because they want to. Because it’s not fair to us.”

The cemetery wants anyone who has questions or concerns to give them a call and they will do their best to answer. Their number is (806)293-4555.