PLAINVIEW, Texas — On Tuesday, the Plainview Police Department said it has received multiple calls regarding telephone scams and threats of violence.

“Callers report receiving phone calls from individuals demanding money to ensure the safe return of children or threatening acts of violence as retaliation for things that happened in other cities,” a press release from PPD said.

Police said anyone who receives these calls should report them as scams or harassment to be investigated accordingly.

The Plainview Police Department offered these actions to take if contacted:

  • Document the phone number the call came from (telephone lines can be cloned or copied to seem legitimate).
  • DO NOT provide personal information such as Social Security Number, State Identification Number, or Address.
  • DO NOT provide financial information such as bank account number, bank routing number, or credit card number.
  • DO NOT agree to send payment in any form.
  • Make appropriate calls or methods of contact to confirm the whereabouts and safety of individuals who the caller claims to be injured or taken.
  • Contact the City of Plainview Police Department at (806) 296-1182 to report the incident.