LUBBOCK, Texas — Planned Parenthood joined several other organizations in filing a lawsuit Tuesday to block a recently passed abortion law in Texas.

“It would have an incredibly negative impact on the thousands of patients that we serve statewide,” said representative for Planned Parenthood, Sarah Wheat.

Senate Bill 8 bans abortions for anyone in the state of Texas once a fetal heartbeat has been detected. It would also allow private citizens to file lawsuits against someone getting an abortion.

This law is somewhat similar to Lubbock’s own ordinance that outlaws abortion. Something Planned Parenthood has also taken legal action against in recent weeks.

“We have filed litigation in the new Lubbock abortion ban because we believe that it is not a city’s ability to make theses healthcare decisions,” said Wheat.

Planned parenthood filed a motion for reconsideration of its lawsuit against the City of Lubbock. That lawsuit was filed after voters passed the ordinance banning abortion within city limits. The lawsuit was originally dismissed on the same day it went into effect, June 1st.

But the city responded Tuesday saying Planned Parenthood has presented no new facts, evidence or argument showing the court original dismissal was in error. The city requested the court deny Planned Parenthood’s motion in its entirety.

But Planned Parenthood said they don’t plan on giving up on these lawsuits anytime soon.

“They take decision making away from individuals who are very capable of making their own person and private medical decisions,” said Wheat.

SB8 is currently set to go into effect on September 1, 2021.