Lubbock Police arrested Nathaniel Lee Olivarez last week for unlawful carrying of a weapon and possession of drug paraphernalia.  The original reason police responded was because there were multiple calls to LPD that someone was shooting at cars and people with a paint gun.

One man had been hit in the face with an orange paintball, according to a police report.  He chased down Olivarez and others in his car.  They stopped at 47th Street and Knoxville Avenue.  Two other suspects got away.  One of the suspects who got away had a small child with her. 

Olivarez did not get away, according to the police report.

Olivarez admitted to an officer that he took a friend to a sports store to get paintballs.  While they were driving home, Olivarez said his friend was shooting paintballs at people and vehicles near 50th and Avenue Q, according to the police report.

In addition to the paintball gun, there was a firearm in the vehicle, the police report said.

Olivarez was able to post bond to get out of jail. As of Wednesday, no other suspects had been arrested.