LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Police were called to 50th Street and Avenue Q late Thursday night for the report of a stabbing.  

Police found out a man was taken by a witness to Grace Clinic at 50th Street and University Avenue after he was stabbed in the chest.  The police report described a stab wound, about an inch wide, near his armpit.

He was then transferred to University Medical Center “due to the severity of the injury.”

Police talked to the man who was stabbed and asked what happened.  He said he and another man had been together all day and the two got into a fight. In addition to the stab wound, he also had bite marks on his arm.

Police found the second man hiding in an apartment complex in the 2100 block of 50th Street. He admitted to getting into a fight, but he denied stabbing the other man.  

Police located surveillance video from the scene. As it turns out, the man who got stabbed was the aggressor. He was then listed in the police report as the suspect. The man who was not stabbed was then listed as the victim.

During the fight, the victim took the knife from the suspect’s waist band. He told police he was scared for his life. The victim told police he lied originally because he was afraid of going to jail.

Because the suspect was hospitalized, he was released by police “pending the filing of charges.”  Because the suspect was not yet charged, he was also not yet publicly named.