LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Police were asked on Sunday to investigate an incident which happened Saturday at Lowe’s Home Improvement, 5022 West Loop 289.

A police report said a customer recorded video and confronted three people in the parking lot after she suspected the three were participating in theft.

She ran toward the three while recording the video and demanded to know, “Did you just walk off with your stuff?”

One man responded, “I got a receipt! What are you talking about?”

The customer responded, “She asked for your receipt!”

A second man confronted the customer in return and told her, “I didn’t give you permission to video me.”

Moments later, with some merchandise still in a shopping cart, the car moves off and hits a shopping cart.

The customer, while still recording the video, yelled, “Why’d you leave your stuff if you have a receipt!?!”

She also yelled, “That’s cool! I got ya though! I got all y’all.”

The police report included a statement from a store employee (an asset protection agent) who claimed two of the three people came into the store with no merchandise but left the store later with several items. The employee stated in the police report that the two made no effort to pay for the merchandise. The third was waiting in a car in the driver seat. reached out to Lubbock Police on Monday to see if there is an update.

WARNING: There is some objectionable language in the video.