Lubbock Police were called to the Covenant Medical Center emergency room early Thursday morning for a gunshot victim.  

Police were told that two men were in a car at 34th and Avenue Q. Another car hit the first one.   A police report listed the driver of the first car as victim 2 and the passenger as victim 1. chose to withhold the names of the victims until police indicate a suspect has been arrested. 

“[Victim 2] advised that he attempted to get close to [the suspect’s] car and told the driver to stop and exchange information. [Victim 2] advised that [the suspect] began to ‘mouth off,’” the police report said.

Victim 2 turned onto Avenue Q from 34th Street and the suspect’s car caught up. Victim 1 saw the suspect raising up a pistol, and then heard a gunshot.  His arm hurt, and he was bleeding, the police report said.

Victim 1 only remembered a single gunshot. Victim 2 believed three or four shots were fired.  The two victims then drove to the hospital where victim 2 had the bullet removed from his arm.

Police found damage to Victim 2’s vehicle consistent with a collision and a lot of blood around the passenger side window. 

The suspect’s vehicle was described as black passenger car – possibly a Ford Focus or a Nissan Maxima. reached out to police to ask if an arrest has been made.  We have also asked if this was a case of road rage or something else. An update will be provided when possible.