LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Police asked the public’s help to double check the safety of a mother and daughter who, for a time, had not been heard from after arriving in Lubbock from Guam. They were later located.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated as new information has come in.

LPD released a statement just before midnight Friday night. Then, early Saturday afternoon, LPD provided an update, saying the mother and child were found safe.

The update said: “We just wanted to let everyone know that both Catherine and Lillian Little have been located and are safe. Thank you for your assistance in getting the word out. Again, we want to reiterate no crime occurred.”

At 3:16 a.m. Saturday, a 7-second video was posted in the comments section of a post on the KLBK Facebook page.

The woman in the video said, “Hi, this is Catherine Little. Me and my daughter are safe, and we left of our own free will.”

“[Investigators] are still in the process of trying to contact her,” police said Saturday (9:47 a.m.) in response to questions from “This continues to be a welfare check and there is still no indication a crime has occurred.”

Her family acknowledged the video, and, prior to the LPD update, asked the public to keep looking.

After the LPD update Saturday afternoon, Catherine’s mother, Gwen Harrod, said, “I am extremely worried about the safety of both of them, but especially Lilly. She is three years old. She didn’t get a say in meeting this guy online and being uprooted and moved overnight to a complete stranger that neither had meet before.”

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