LUBBOCK, Texas — The father of Angel Ulloa sued a Littlefield Police Officer on Friday for wrongful death. Billy Ulloa’s lawsuit claims Steven Farley violated Angel Ulloa’s civil rights by shooting and killing him.  

On March 21, 2018, police were called to the Our Place Community Center in Littlefield.  The lawsuit said Ulloa was armed with a knife.  It did not mention that, according to an official police statement at the time, Ulloa stabbed a 75-year old woman repeatedly.

Ulloa ran away from the community center and police found him nearby. The police statement said Ulloa refused to drop the knife. 

The lawsuit said, “Officer Farley and/or [a second officer] shot Angel Ulloa from behind two times with a firearm, once in the lower back and once in the left shoulder.”

The lawsuit said Ulloa was incapacitated and “did not have a firearm.” 

“Thereafter, Officer Farley fired a final (and fatal) shot,” the lawsuit said. “At the time of the fatal shot, Angel Ulloa posed no actual and imminent threat to the safety of other citizens or the LPD officers.”

The lawsuit said the fatal gunshot was unreasonable and a violation of Ulloa’s Fourth Amendment rights, as well as his Fifth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment rights. 

The lawsuit demands unspecified money damages against Farley. The Littlefield Police Department was not named as a defendant. 

Farley has not filed his side of the story in court records. In 2018, a Lamb County grand jury cleared Farley of any criminal wrongdoing.