Police report describes new details of robbery before SWAT team standoff in Lubbock

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Images of Jody Wood, Daniel Taylor, Antonio Garza and Kristina Lauderdale from Lubbock Co. Detention Center

LUBBOCK, Texas — A police report made available on Thursday shed more light on a robbery that led to SWAT team standoff Wednesday afternoon in Central Lubbock.

Police were called to a robbery in the 900 block of Avenue Q. A police report said four people knocked on the door of a motel room. When the victim answered the door, a suspect used a gun to hit him in the mouth.

The suspect dropped the gun, and there was a wrestling match between the victim and two suspects. The victim was able to get ahold of the gun. The police report said the four suspects then got into a car and drove off.

The victim was able to get a license plate number from the car and report that to police. Also, the victim had been in a “previous romantic relationship” with one of the suspects, according to the police report.

It turns out, the gun was an Airsoft, according to the police report.

Police later identified the suspects as Daniel Taylor, 29; Antonio Garza, 33; Jody Wood, 37; and Kristina Lauderdale, 18. An officer spotted the suspects’ vehicle at a house in the 2100 block of 65th Street.

Near 2100 65th Street (Nexstar/Staff)

Police said there nine people in the house. At first, they refused to come out according to a police spokesman at the scene.

Police at point said on Twitter, “LPD SWAT is in a stand-off in the 2100 block of 65th St… We’re asking the public to avoid the area.”

Eventually everyone in the home did come out peacefully. Four of those nine people – Taylor, Garza, Wood and Lauderdale – were charged with burglary and organized crime. As of Thursday afternoon, all four remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center.

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The narrative text of the police report is copied below.

A1’s Charges:
PC 30.02 Burglary habitation intend other felony F1
PC 71.02 Engaging in Organized Crime F1
LPD Warrant #140075864 MC

A2’s Charges:
PC 30.02 Burglary habitation intend other felony F1
PC 71.02 Engaging in Organized Crime F1

A3’s Charges:
PC 30.02 Burglary habitation intend other felony F1
PC 71.02 Engaging in Organized Crime F1
LPD warrant #140094082 MC

A4’s Charges:
PC 30.02 Burglary habitation intend other felony F1
PC 71.02 Engaging in Organized Crime F1
LPD Warrant #140097082 MC

While on patrol I responded to a police radio call at 902 Avenue Q #xxx (Raider Inn) reference a robbery of an individual.

V1 and A4 were in a previous romantic relationship.
A1, A2, A3, A4 are friends.
A1 and A4 are in a current dating relationship.

Prior to arrival, I was advised on my MDC that three males and one female robbed him. I was advised all subjects left in the listed vehicle. V1 was able to provide a plate for the vehicle as it drove away. I was advised subject did not know the subjects and he was unable to get a good view at the subjects due to being assaulted. I was advised the vehicle was last seen driving southbound on Avenue Q.

Upon arrival, I approached the stairs to walk to the second floor. W1 advised V1 pulled a gun on A1, A2, A3, and A4 as they ran to the car and took off. I walked up the stairs and approached V1’s room. V1 waved me down and waited for me to speak with him. I approached the open front door and V1 advised I could step in. As I stepped inside the room, I observed the listed dark silver and brown firearm on the bed. From the distance, I was standing I believed the firearm to be real. I approached and attempted to unload and make the fire arm safe. I observed the firearm to be an “Airsoft” gun. I placed the gun in my pocket and spoke with V1.

I observed there to be several drops of blood on the floor near the front door. V1 advised the blood was his. I observed V1 to have blood on the top of his lip. I observed V1’s left cheek to be slightly swollen.

V1 advised he was just got out of the shower and was drying off as he heard a knock at his front door. V1 advised he opened the front door and observed A1, A2, A3, and A4 standing at the door. V1 advised A1 was a large Hispanic male who was approximately 6 feet 1 inch to 6 feet 3 inches. V1 advised A1 with his left hand used an overhand motion and with the gun in hand hit him in the mouth with the grip of the gun. V1 advised after he was struck by the gun, A1 dropped the gun and A2 approached him. V1 advised A2 and himself began wrestling inside the room. V1 advised he wrestled with A2 for a while before breaking his grip and able to get ahold of the gun that was on the ground. V1 advised as he picked up the gun, he observed A1, A2, A3 and A4 begin to run northbound along the walkway to the stairs. V1 advised he began chasing after A1-A4. V1 advised A4 got in the front passenger seat. V1 advised the vehicle then fled the scene south on Avenue Q.

While speaking with V1, he remembered and advised he observed A4 at 403 Avenue Q (Stripes) approximately one hour prior. V1 called A4 by her alias. V1 advised he told A4 that he was having car problems and staying at the listed motel. V1 advised he continued on with his day, and went by another business to cash a check he received. V1 advised he then went to 1911 Marsha Sharp Fwy (Walmart) to purchase toiletries. V1 advised he returned to the motel and entered his room. V1 advised prior to showering he exited his room and returned to his vehicle to get a bag containing the listed items. V1 advised as walked down to his vehicle he observed the listed vehicle backed into a parking space in the northwest corner of the parking lot. V1 advised he was unable to see who was inside of it and did not recognize the vehicle. V1 advised he returned to his room and that is when he was robbed.

Ofc. B. xxxxx was on scene and photographed V1’s injuries and possible evidence.

I Took Custody of the “Airsoft” gun and placed it in the truck of my vehicle.

While on scene, V1 was asked further about V1’s and A4’s meeting. V1 advised he remembered after telling A4 about his vehicle and where he was staying, he advised A4 that he was going to “ACE Cash Express” to deposit and withdraw a check. V1 advised he then continued on his activities and left A4.

While on scene speaking with V1, a vehicle description and suspect descriptions were given to other officers searching the area. I was advised the listed vehicle was located and a traffic stop was initiated. A2 was located driving the vehicle. As the traffic stop was initiated, subjects were seen walking into the residence that returned to the vehicle. See related supplements for further detail.

I observed surveillance footage of the parking lot of the listed motel. I observed V1 enter his apartment at approx. 1320 hours. I observed V1 exit his apartment at approximately 1340 hours. I observed V1 walk to his vehicle and grab what appeared to be a blue “Duffel” bag. I observed V1 then walk back to his room. I observed the listed vehicle pull and back into the northwest parking space at approximately 1350 hours. I observed 4 subjects exit the vehicle. I observed a large male, two skinny males, and one female with bleach blonde hair. About shoulder length. I observed the four subjects to walk up the North West stair well and approach V1’s room. I observed the large male knock, and then all subjects enter the room. All Subjects then disappeared out of frame.

I observed at approximately 1753 hours, I observed a male matching A3’s description wearing dark clothing exit the room with an object in his hand. I observed the three other subjects then follow A3. I observed all subjects to enter the listed vehicle as V1 began running after them. I observed V1, to have a phone in one hand and what appeared to be a gun in his left hand. I observed V1 to be yelling, I observed the vehicle to quickly drive out of frame and V1 remained on the walkway and talked on the phone.

A1-A4 intentionally entered V1’s room without his consent with the intent to commit a felony. A1 intentionally assualted V1 with the firearm, as A3 deprived V1 of his property.

Due to officer’s locating the listed vehicle, a perimeter was set up on the house and a SWAT call out was initiated. I arrived on scene, and did not assist in the perimeter of the residence. See related Supplements for further details.

A1, A3, and A4 were located inside the residence.

I transported A1 to the Lubbock Police Department to the person crimes department for an interview with detectives. See related Supplements for further information.

After involved parties, were interviewed I placed A2 in double locked handcuffs and placed him under arrest for the listed charges.

I arrested A1, A2, A3, and A4. I transported and booked A2 into the Lubbock County Detention Center. Officer xxxx, Officer A. xxxxx, and Officer xxxxx assisted Transporting and booking A1, A3, and A4.

Det. M. xxxxx arrived at county and completed the PC Affidavit for the A1-A4.

See related Supplements for further information regarding Other Officer’s involvement.

I will submit A1-A4’s booking paperwork in as trailing documents.

I will submit the listed “Airsoft” gun in the property room as evidence.

BWC and DVR utilized.

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