LUBBOCK, Texas – One man was arrested near the 4300 block of South Loop 289 after witnesses told police he followed people into a parking lot and attempted to hit their vehicle Friday evening, according to a Lubbock Police report.

When police arrived, they asked Garrett Lane Sullivent, 23, the driver of the vehicle, to pull over, but he told them “something to the effect of no” and left the scene.

According to the police report, Sullivent was located in another parking lot, and police were able to place him in handcuffs and put him in the back of a police vehicle.

A passenger in the vehicle with Sullivent informed police they told him “to stop what he was doing and that it wasn’t worth it.”

The victims said they were driving when Sullivent approached their vehicle from behind, so they slowed down, which angered Sullivent. He then drove around them and slammed on his brakes, which caused the victim to brake as well.

The police report said victims told police they drove into a parking lot to get away from Sullivent, but he followed them and repeatedly attempted to hit their vehicle with his.

According to the police report, the victims said they saw a passenger in the vehicle laughing while Sullivent tried to hit them.

Sullivent was placed under arrest for aggravated assault and evading arrest, and he was transported and booked at the Lubbock County Detention Center.