Police on Sunday released some information concerning an early morning robbery in Clapp Park, but a police report on Monday revealed harsh new details.

The police report mentioned the victim by name, however, EverythingLubbock.com will withhold the name for now.  He is 42-years-old.

The police report said, “[The victim] advised [a suspect] pointed a handgun at [the victim’s] testicles and told him to give him everything he had.  [The victim] did not comply and [the suspect] shot [the victim] once through his testicle which entered his leg and exited.”

Police confirmed the nature of the gunshot wound.  However, police could not find the original crime scene inside of Clapp Park.

The victim’s girlfriend drove him to University Medical Center. 

The victim told a medical staffer that he was in Clapp Park “shooting up meth.”

A police report said an officer did have the chance to talk with the victim, but, “[The victim] was very upset while speaking with me and was unable to give me any further details.”

The investigating officer was not able to ask follow up questions of the victim at University Medical Center after doctors intubated him. 

The injury was described as not-life-threatening.