LUBBOCK, Texas– One person suffered multiple stab wounds after the victim claimed in a police report that he was assaulted near Downtown Lubbock.

Just before 6:00 a.m., October 16, Lubbock Police responded to an apartment complex in the 1900 block of 7th Street.

The victim’s roommate said he called police after he heard sounds of moaning and groaning coming from the victim. The roommate saw lots of blood and found the victim bleeding in his room.

When an officer arrived on the scene, he noticed blood just inside the front doorway, a trail of blood smeared to the living room and a pair of bloody, light-colored shorts and black pants, according to the report.

There was also blood on the sofa and a trail of blood leading to the southwest bedroom. Additionally, there was blood going into the bathroom and on the bed, according to the report.

EMS arrived shortly after to take the victim to the hospital. But the officer wanted to confirm the identity of the victim.

The officer asked the victim what happened, and he said he was “stabbed on the street.” When the officer pressed for a location of the stabbing, the victim lifted his arm up very slowly and lifted his middle finger in the air.

When the officer asked for clarification, the victim put his middle finger in the air again.

According to officials at the hospital, the victim suffered multiple stab wounds on his back, shoulder and buttocks. He also required stitches in his left gluteus maximus.

The victim eventually stated that he could not sleep and went for a walk. He said he was walking in front of The Cottages of Lubbock Apartments and said a suspect came up to him and attacked him, according to the report.

The victim said he tried to fight off the suspect, but then another suspect came holding a knife. According to the victim, he said, “Next thing I knew I was being jumped.”

According to the report, the victim said he took off running toward “the church,” but he didn’t specify which one.

When the victim got home, he said he did not realize he was stabbed until he took a shower.

No blood was found near the area where the victim said the incident occurred, according to police.

Police had no updates on possible suspect descriptions by Monday.