LUBBOCK, Texas – A man was shot and injured in a drive-by shooting January 25 in the 5400 block of 45th Street. The victim was sent to the emergency room with a gunshot wound in his right lower leg.

The victim was spotted walking and then falling to the ground by a passerby who told police she did not hear shots fired while she was driving to get gas. Officers arrived and provided first aid to the victim before he was transported to a hospital.

The victim’s mother arrived at their residence and was informed of the incident, then told police she received a text from him that he was going out and did not hear from him again.

The victim told police he was walking home after playing basketball when he saw the rear passenger window of a suspect car roll down before he heard two shots. He said he tried to run after hearing the first shot but realized he had been hit in his leg.

No suspect was located at the time of the report.