LUBBOCK, Texas — A woman was arrested Friday night after she attempted to steal alcohol from a Valero and used a stolen car to run over a man who tried to stop her, according to a police report.

Summer Nicole Hernandez, 26, was arrested on charges of robbery, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, possession of marijuana and driving without a license.

According to the police report, Hernandez entered the Valero, located at 5720 Spur 327 Frontage Road, and brought two cases of Budweiser to the counter.

Without paying for the beer, Hernandez grabbed the cases and ran out of the store to the stolen car she was driving, the report said.

The boyfriend of the Valero’s cashier was in the store at the time, and he chased Hernandez out to the car in an attempt to get the stolen beer back, per the report.

According to the report, Hernandez got into the car but the man chasing her did not let her close the driver’s side door.

After a verbal argument, Hernandez attempted to drive away with the door open. The man hung onto the door and the steering wheel, the report details.

Hernandez drove around in circles while the man tried to put the car in park and steer it away from striking anything.

Eventually, the man fell out of the car. A witness saw him get hit with the car and he got up with a gash on his head, the report said.

Hernandez then got out of the vehicle and began to run away on foot, according to the report. Officers later found her near the Hampton Inn and Suites Lubbock Southwest at 5614 Englewood Avenue.

Officers arrested her and found that she was in possession of a bag of marijuana.

The victim, who was hit by the car, was treated by Emergency Medical Services but his injuries were not serious, per the report.

Hernandez was still in the Lubbock County Detention Center as of Sunday afternoon, where she was held on a $12,500 bond.