LUBBOCK, Texas — Police and prosecutors were asking permission to permanently seize more than $30,000 from a Lubbock man.

SPECIAL NOTE: The original version of this story mentioned a specific individual. Due to concerns for his safety, law enforcement asked that we remove the name.

Court documents stated on March 1, Lubbock Police searched the home and found:

  • $4,271
  • A gun with multiple magazines and parts
  • 102.31 grams of cocaine
  • A safe with $27,020 inside
  • 30.42 grams of MDMA (sometimes called Ecstasy or Molly)
  • $1000 inside of his truck
  • .194 ounces of marijuana
  • Small plastic bags that officers said were indicative of narcotics trafficking.

The court document said officers also found $31,291 in his master bedroom.

The court document said he had been receiving unemployment payments totaling at $16,852.75, but admitted that a large portion of the $27,020 was from drug sales.

Court documents mentioned that he was charged with two counts of manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, money laundering and possession of a firearm.

However, he was not listed currently in the jail as of Monday, and did not see the charges listed yet in court records. 

If a judge approves, the cash would go to a law enforcement forfeiture fund.