LUBBOCK, Texas — The Amazing Castle, all the way from Minnesota, is the newest traveling exhibit at the Science Spectrum. The area is full of immersive fun for little ones, with kids having a chance to build a chair at the carpentry station, pick some veggies from the garden and even cook them up in the kitchen section.  

According to Holly Glasgow, the museum’s marketing and events assistant, those are some of the most popular features kiddos tend to explore too. 

“I personally like the garden. I think that’s one that I’ve seen a lot of the kids run straight to,” Glasgow said.  “We have also got a little block area and then as well, a kitchen, so those are really, really cool pieces that we’ve got.”

The tailor, blacksmith and finger puppet theater stations are also available for kids to enjoy, but Glasgow said it’s more than just a fun experience for children two to eight years old. The Amazing Castle Exhibit is also a great way for little ones to spend quality time with loved ones and learn more about the time period she said. 

“I think it’s super important. It’s really cool to see the kids step into medieval times, and there are actually six characters that they can follow,” said Glasgow. “You could be a gardener, you could be a blacksmith, a carpenter or a cook, so it’s very, very cool to get to see them explore different things.” 

There’s no extra cost on the Science Spectrum’s standard admission fee to enjoy the Amazing Castle Exhibit, and it will be in town until January 7, 2024.