LUBBOCK, Texas – Pricing for code violations for the City of Lubbock went up at the beginning of October, meaning fees for code violations are higher than they were previously.

Director of Code Enforcement Stuart Walker said one of the top code violations in the city is tall weeds.

“Tall weeds or uncultivated vegetation, you know, provides habitat for vectors of disease, insects, wildlife, things like that,” said Walker. “We want to make sure that we are taking care of those.”

Walker said the Codes Department understands there are situations where people have hardships and that they try to work with people and help them find some relief.

“We’ll extend time frames,” said Walker. “In the past, we have also had other organizations we refer them to, [like] business organizations or religious organizations that want to do community service.”

Below is a list of prices that have gone up for the 2021-2022 year, information provided by City of Lubbock Department of Codes.

Description Previous priceNew Price
Fees charged to recover the cost
of weed/rubbish abatement practices
Permits issued when a vendor or business wants to have a promotional sale$145$350
Fees from Collection on weed liens$150$200
Fees charged to recover the cost of demolition of structures determined
to be sub-standard.
Weeds in front yard$15$20
Weeds in back yard$15$20
Weeds in Alley $25$30
Weeds in right of way $25$30
Rubbish Alley$30$35
Weeds in vacant lot $30$40