LUBBOCK, Texas — A lawsuit filed against Lubbock County Judge Curtis Parrish in small claims court on Thursday accused him of “refusing to pay his debt” to a private investigation agency in Lubbock, according to court documents obtained by

Court records stated that Parrish hired Tracer Bullet Enterprises to “conduct private investigation services” on October 1, 2022. The agency provided services to Parrish from October 11 to October 29, according to court records. Documents stated that Parrish was given an invoice for payment on October 29.

“Despite [the agency’s] repeated attempts to collect …. [Parrish] has refused to pay his debt,” court documents stated. The lawsuit was seeking damages in the amount of $1,018.25 plus legal fees.

Judge Parrish told that he had not yet been officially served with a copy of the lawsuit. When asked why he hired the agency, Parrish replied, “I’m clearly not going to answer that question.” When asked if he hired a private investigator to look into a political opponent or elected or appointed official, Parrish said he could not comment. also reached out to the agency’s attorney for additional comments. We will update this article if that invitation is accepted.