LUBBOCK, Texas – Federal prosecutors Thursday laid out their intentions to use profanity-laced leaked recordings and explained why they should be allowed as evidence against Bart Reagor.

Reagor previously objected in writing to the use of the recordings in which he was depicted as screaming at employees with terms like “mother f***ing” and “s***”

Reagor’s defense team asked a judge to exclude it because the recordings have nothing to do with his loan from IBC Bank, which is at the heart of the accusations against him.

However, prosecutors disagreed. They told the judge that Reagor’s state of mind and specifically his willingness to break the law were depicted in the recordings.

In a 2018 video recording, Reagor said “when you don’t have money, you talk other people into giving you their money to increase your net worth.”

Reagor described the “OPM” method, court records said, referencing an idea from the movie, Other People’s Money. Reagor later added, “most of you have no comprehension of the s*** I’ve pulled off.”

According to court documents, federal prosecutors claimed these statements are relevant to the crimes charged against Reagor because “they prove a scheme to defraud.”

Prosecutors explained they intend to introduce this evidence to show Reagor’s motive.

“These statements are Reagor’s own public statements, they are relevant to issues other than his character, and the probative value is not substantially outweighed by the dangers of unfair prejudice, confusion of the issues, or misleading the jury,” the federal prosecutors said in a court document.

As of Thursday evening, a judge had not ruled for either the prosecution or Reagor.